Featured Stall

Every month we will feature a stall or stalls on Skipton Market. This month it's the turn of Ridgeway Leather, located next to the crossing outside Barclays Bank.

It'll soon be winter and it'll be change around time on the stall from Summer to Winter Stock. At this time Ridgeway expands it's range of Leather/Lambskin Gloves and Sheepskin Slippers/Moccasins and Sheepskin Hats. It also sees the return of old favourites such as Sheepskin baby mitts, Sheepskin steering wheel covers and Lambswool insoles. All this in addition to it's year round selection of Bags, Purses and wallets, Belts, Chamois and Sheepkin/Reindeer Rugs. So why not pay a visit and get yourself a bargain!!!